The easy way to remember Kanji

Learn with us how to read and write kanji using mnemonics.

Ineffective methods of studying kanji can waste thousands of hours. Choose the KanjiPro book for carefully designed mnemonics and images and send yourself on a learning trajectory that will change your academic and professional life forever.

KanjiPro introduces 1006 kanji over six levels, in the order established by the Japanese Ministry of Education. Each level is the equivalent of one year at a Japanese primary school.

Remembering made easy

  • Systemised mnemonics

    Ready-made mnemonics with the kanji keyword always appearing first followed by the components in the order of writing.

  • Creative support stories

    Interesting and relevant stories support the kanji meanings and clarify the mnemonics.

  • Illustrated components

    Illustrated pictographs and components provide visual reinforcement of their origins.

  • Etymological integrity

    Extensive research ensures as accurate representation of character origins as possible.

  • ON / kun readings supported by vocabulary

    All ON and kun readings are provided and supported by commonly used vocabulary words.

  • Stroke order

    Full stroke order for every character provided.

An introduction by the author

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